MFA Forum Strategy and Planning Meeting in New York, 2008

Eliminate all forms of injustice against garment labourers.’

Mr. Bayezid Dawla, Executive Director, Civic Bangladesh participated in the International MFA Forum Convening events organized during 08 - 10 September 2008 in New York by Accountability. Mr. Dawla attended the Strategy and Planning Meeting as a participant of the MFA Forum which is working with the Garment and Textiles industries in Bangladesh.

The Strategy and Planning Meeting focused on building and developing a new strategy for the MFA Forum directly informed by the content of our impact assessment and evaluation, reflecting on the progress made since the last meeting in September 2007, as well as from the direct participation of the working groups during the 3-day event.

While representing to the international forum, the Executive Director of Civic Bangladesh called for global attention to the following demand:

  • increase the wage of the garment labourers;
  • improve their living standards and environment;
  • ensure safety and security of labourers in the garment industries; and
  • eliminate all forms of injustice against the garment workers.

The MFA Forum is a not-for-profit, participation-based open network established in early 2004 to address key concerns predicted with the end of the Multi-Fibre Arrangement (MFA). The Forum works as a collaboration of brands and retailers, trade unions, NGOs and multi-lateral institutions in the textile and garment sector with an aim to improve sustainability while promoting social responsibility and competitiveness in national garment industries that are vulnerable in the post-MFA trading environment.

The MFA Forum organizes 9-monthly international convening to meet with its participants to review the Forum's work and define a future strategy. This event involved discussions on the impact of the Forum's in-country engagements as well as the structuring of an action plan for the year to come. In 2008, the international convening and its associated meetings had taken place over three days in New York City.